team building 

Room of Riddles is designed for corporate teams. Because the timeframe is limited to 60 minutes (and the clock is ticking), an environment is created in which people's true characters become visible and more importantly: the team roles. 

For companies there are two options: just book an escape game or also include a meeting room or get in touch to as well arrange a meeting room, catering, beamer, flip-over, etcetera. Our team will help you to get a quotation for your tailor-made escape game event. You can arrange your corporate event at Room of Riddles via e-mail.

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There are some key advantages to come to Room of Riddles for your team outing:

A healthy breakfast before playing our escape game 

A healthy breakfast before playing our escape game 

  • Reachability: our location is quick and easy to reach by car, right at the ring of Amsterdam, with no excessive parking costs and plenty of space - which is unique in Amsterdam. We're also very accessible via public transport, as a direct tramline from Central Station goes to our place, so you have direct access from all main areas in Amsterdam. 
  • Great games: we design our games around the experience, forcing teams to work together (some riddles even require multiple people to solve), using unique decors and props that truly make you feel outside the 'real' world.
  • A joint victory: each riddle solved is a little victory moment, but the escape game is challenging until the last minute. We made the game a bit too hard on purpose, so our Riddle Masters can tailor each game towards the teams' strengths and weaknesses by sharing some additional tips, which we form as riddles: little pushes in the right direction. 
  • Hospitality: we're aiming to offer the best overall experience, from the first welcome to the chat and drinks we always offer after each game and are proud that we have a team of Riddle Masters that proved to be great hosts (just check the reviews on TripAdvisor). You might already have noticed that we take 2 hours per team, which is longer than the 1,5 hour most of the escape rooms book.
  • Breakfast/lunch and meeting rooms: we have delicious biological catering and meeting rooms available.
  • Expertise: we hosted many team outings, and overall we're the most experienced escape game in The Netherlands, having entertained thousands of people per month from all over the world. And company outings are our main focus: already in our first week we hosted a multinational that kicked off a new project by flying in team members from all places and a coach from London to observe and evaluate the game.
  • Pricing: we offer the best price/quality escape experience in Amsterdam. The total price for a team outing at Room of Riddles is, depending on your group size, between 69 euro for 2 players (34,50 euro per person) to 238 euro for 14 players (17 euro per person). All our prices are incl. a free softdrink, booking costs and VAT. You can book directly online via our reservation page. You can pay with all major creditcards and we will send you an invoice upon request. 
  • More information: please send an email to so our team can help you start organizing your team event!
Our meeting room includes a large table for up to 12 persons and a television for your laptop.

Our meeting room includes a large table for up to 12 persons and a television for your laptop.


A manager or coach can join the Riddle Master in our live-view room, in which we can watch and listen to the live games via big screens. This is a great way to observe the team. Who are the assertive team members that try to give directions to the group? Who are the true problem solvers? Who are the team players, who bridge the gaps between other team members? And who are the people that find a solution which is not used because the group doesn't listen to them?

These observations are not only made from the outside, the team members will notice many of the team roles themselves. By simply asking them what went right and wrong, what could be improved and what they think of the team roles, you already spark an interesting discussion while the fun-factor keeps things very positive.

We aim to make team members understand each other's skills and characters better in an exciting, out of the comfort zone experience. This way we bring teams to the next level while having a great time!

Join SOME great companies 

Room of Riddles hosted team outings for many great companies, both national as international: (travel)
Uber (transport)
Achmea (healthcare)
Danone/Nutrucia (food)
Google (software)
ABN Amro (banking)
PwC (accounting)
Shell (oil technologies)
The Boston Consulting Group (consulting)
Rabobank (banking)
UWV (government)
Guerrilla Games (game development)
G-Star (fashion)
Van Gogh Museum (exhibitions)
AFM (semi-government)
De Bijenkorf (fashion)
Mirabeau (online marketing)
ING (banking)
PHILIPS (technology)
Kempen & Co (banking)
GroupM (media)
ConversionMob (online marketing)
AKZO Nobel (chemical)
KPN (mobile)
KPMG (accounting)
Sandvik (mining)
Nike (fashion)
Rabobank (banking)
Kaspersky Lab (software) 
Gemeente Amsterdam (government)
Brunel (consultancy)
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (hospital)
Time Sparebank (banking)