For our rapidly growing startup we gathered a team of talented and enthusiastic people that help to build our company from concept to customer experience. In return we spoil them with a cool job, guests from all over the world and a chance to bring all their ideas to life. Oh, and unlimited M&M's!

We're looking for people that do what they love and want to share their passion with us. We're currently looking for the following position.

Riddle Master

Riddle Masters are the foundation of our company, they are the super enthusiastic and friendly hosts who welcome our guests and guide them to and through Room of Riddles. Due to lovely guests that wrote recommendations, we're now leading the top-charts Amsterdam on TripAdvisor, entertaining guests from all over the world every day!

Who are you
- enthusiastic, highly energetic, social and entertaining
- interested in teambuilding, team roles and good touristic hotspot knowledge of Amsterdam
- speak/write English and Dutch (international and local guests)
- independent, self reliant and a real problem solver
- flexible, feel comfortable taking initiative and accurately
- good in planning and time management
- you have some technical skills (handy)
- looking for a flexible job on the side: around 6-15 hours per week
- we are open from monday-sunday from 11 am till 23 pm

What do we offer
- 10,98 euro an hour plus bonus arrangement
- regularly team outings
- small personal team where you can have a strong voice
- oh, we almost forgot, free unlimited M&M's all day!

 So: if you're looking for a flexible job on the side, ideal for international minded students, and want to be part of this rapidly growing startup, please contact us at with a resume and motivation!