Looking for an escape game in Amsterdam?

Room of Riddles is the first real-life escape game in Amsterdam, and actually a hobby that got quite out of hand. We started only a few months ago and our goal is to make your team have a great time! To do so, we lock your team of maximum 5 people up in a room ;-). You have 60 minutes to get the code to get out. But will you manage?

How do I play Room of Riddles?

Telling you exactly how our escape game works would spoil the surprise, however we can give you a few hints. The challenge is to find the code that opens the safe, which holds the key to get out of the room. Your team gets 60 minutes to complete some exciting, hilarious and mind-challenging tasks. To solve the assignments and riddles, no special knowledge is required, you'll just have to find hints and think out of the box.

How long does it take?

The actual escape game is exactly 60 minutes long. Before the game we need to brief your team, which will take approximately 15 minutes. Afterwards, we invite you and your team for a drink which is included in the price, so in the end the entire experience takes about 1,5 hour. 

What's the story of the escape room? 

Our escape game rooms are based on the story of mr. Cornelius, a vivid world traveler in his mid-eighties. A man with passion for aviation, who has seen the world, lived his dream and wants to share his passion. You might recognise the planes he flew with, world-maps he used during his journey, his books and even his pilot jacket. 

Many of the props we use in the game are authentic and donated to us by friends and family. Besides, we added artwork from Holstee, a Brooklyn based design studio on a mission to inspire people to live mindfully by creating affordable and shareable artwork. Here's some more information about Holstee.

For who is this escape game?

This escape game can be played by any adult and children from 10 years and up are more than welcome, as long as they are in a team with an adult. 

For friends
Do you have a group of friends with whom you want to experience? Planned a weekend in Amsterdam and looking for something different than yet another museum or boat-trip? Room of Riddles is among the most exciting and funniest group activities of Amsterdam.  Our Riddle Masters know all the cool and secret spots in Amsterdam, and can even help you with some tips after the game.

For companies
Are you looking for a fun team outing or fun and educational team building activity in Amsterdam? Which roles are there in your team? We offer tailor-made corporate packages that have one goal: making teams functioning better, by understanding the group interaction better via an exciting group activity. Additionally, we have meeting-rooms and delicious catering available.

For couples
Looking for a romantic getaway in Amsterdam? Look no further. How well can you work together as a couple? Are you a match made in heaven? Test it in the Room of Riddles.

For families
Are you looking for a fun day out with your family? The Room of Riddles will be that special attraction that everyone will remember! 

For bachelor parties
Are you organising a bachelor party in Amsterdam? Look no further! Our escape game will provide many hilarious moments with of course an extra nice surprise for the bachelor.

A brief history of Room of Riddles Amsterdam 

Room of Riddles is a real-life room escape game, originating from computer games. One of the first games with a similar concept that we know of is Myst, a game released in 1993 in which you find yourself on an island, with no clear goal what to do. By exploring the island, you find several clues that form a storyline and make the plot and purpose of the game clear.

Later a new concept with similar game mechanics, the online escape room games, became a hit. Like in Myst, you are put in an unfamiliar environment and have to find your way out, but this time in a single room where the door is locked. This evolved in a version where a crucial new dimension was added: time pressure.

The first real life version of the digital escape room games is Original Piece, founded by Silicon Valley computer programmers in 2006. Over the years, real-life escape rooms became popular attractions in places like Hong Kong, Japan and Budapest, yet there are still few in Western Europe. 

We came across the concept on our journeys abroad and enjoyed it so much, we wanted to offer a similar experience in Amsterdam. Hence, here we are: the first real-life escape game in Amsterdam. We hope you enjoy!

In the press

Here's a news-item about Room of Riddles, as broadcasted on Dutch National television (RTL4):

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