Opening Barcelona

We're incredibly proud to have developed three escape games for Room of Riddles in Barcelona! It's been open already for over 2 months now, so last weekend we went back to check how things are going. It's situated on a unique location, in the former Olympic Village right next to the Olympic Harbour and the beach where all the famous clubs (Pacha, Opium) are.

Room of Riddles Barcelona already hosted a great amount of events (for example for 40 people of the Royal Dutch Shell) and when we arrived at 9 o'clock in the morning a group having a bachelor weekend in Barcelona just got locked up. 

The Art Collector escape game in Barcelona

The Art Collector escape game in Barcelona

We love Barcelona, it's an incredible city situated at the Mediterranean sea. The unique blend of culture, the beach, great food and nice weather makes a great hub for international companies and visitors from all over the world.

We translated two main themes of the city, art and the harbour, into the storylines of the rooms. In the Harbour Master you enter the office of the Barcelona Harbour, in order to become the manager of the Harbour. In the Art Collector (as shown on the image) you step in the office of Mr. Fabiolo, a famous art collector who just passed away. In order to find his final will, he created a last little riddle for you... In the room you will find all major Spanish artists, like Gaudi, Picasso, Dali, El Greco and  Miró.

And after your team escaped Room of Riddles Barcelona, the team in Barcelona also arranges affordable sailing trips, helicopter flights and tours in supercars like Ferrari's! Just contact the Room of Riddles Barcelona team to arrange many cool activities while visiting Barcelona. Enjoy!