2016 & 2017

Curiosity got the better of us and after reading the great reviews and noticing the Room of Riddles was a lot cheaper than other escape room we decided to go for it. We found the place quite easy to find (tram station just opposite) and our hosts were both really welcoming. We got a really informative briefing so we knew exactly what to do and then we were taken to the room. We did the Birdcage (just as a couple) and found it really good fun, and a real challenge - just about managed to escape!
— Owen from London on TripAdvisor, June 2017

Did you know Room of Riddles is a hobby project which got quite out of hand ? We started in our own living room in summer 2014 and thanks to all our great visitors we where able to develop over 20 game experiences branches in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Barcelona!

  • The most affordable escape room in Amsterdam with loads of private attention
  • Low all-in prices, including a free softdrink and VAT, no hidden booking-costs
  • Two unique experiences: The Hacker and The Riddle Master, hosting between 2-14 players at the same time
  • If you book 2 rooms, you will even have a personal Riddle Master, a private event with no other guests around
  • For bachelor parties and teambuilding activities, a small gift is included in the price
  • The Hacker is developed for first/second time escape room players
  • The Riddle Master is suitable for the more advanced players or bigger groups, as it is about setting a high score rather than                'solving' multiple storylines
  • Your Riddle Master makes sure each game is tailor made, depending on the skills of your team
  • We are easy to reach with direct connections from city centre and lots of (free) parkings spaces available

Our prices range from only 69 euro for 2 players (34,50 euro per person) to 238 euro for 14 players (17 euro per person). All our prices are incl. a free softdrink, booking costs and VAT. 

You can book directly online and see the availability for the coming months.

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FROM JULY 2017 OUR NEWEST GAME The Riddle master

This is not your regular escape game: we re-invented the concept to purely focus on the game-skills of your team! In The Riddle Master, the goal is not to escape the room, but to achieve the highest score possible within 6o minutes! With each riddle solved, you earn points. There are four levels in the game: Getting Started, The Game Classics, Using All Senses and The End-Boss. In each level, there are multiple challenges that you can work on with teams up to 8 people at the same time!

We dedicate this game to escape room fans all over the world and offer you an unique experience that focusses on the core of escape rooms: complex, logical challenges with innovative technologies, touching all senses of the players. We welcome you to play and beat the end-boss, which is of course nearly impossible! 

The hacker

Chr0nos is a famous hacker, who's identity is about to be revealed by the talented prosecutor Mrs. Johanson. However, rumours on the Dark Net are that Chr0nos will prevent this from happening, which clearly endangers Mrs. Johanson. Your job as a team is to prevent anything to happen to Mrs. Johanson. In order to do so, you have a high-tech control room at your disposal, with multiple camera's monitoring the apartment of Mrs. Johanson. You will use robot arms, computers, cables, mini-camera's and much more to finish this challenge.


A lot of guests celebrate a special occasion at Room of Riddles; friends or holiday activity,  bachelor party, family outing, birthday party (from 12 years and up), etc. We even catered multiple wedding proposals - how cool is that?! Please contact us upfront so we can make your experience extra awesome!


Please note we have a separate page on this website for company outings and using our escape rooms as recruitment tool.


Here's a news-item about Room of Riddles, as broadcasted on Dutch National News (RTL4):

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Click to open the newsitem about Room of Riddles