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A fun evening out!
If you’re a beginner at these sorts of things and are worried whether you’ll like on.
We thought we’d try it out as it was something different to do in Amsterdam other than the usual.
Our host started by explaining to us the concept, she was very friendly and helpful. I won’t spoil it by going into detail.. but we got off to a reasonable start (beginners luck!)and then got stuck a couple of times but our host was there watching over us and helped us along the way. We would definitely do another one and maybe next time we will be a little bit wiser and better at it. You need to embrace it for what it is, think a little bit outside the box, and have fun!
— Wayne on TripAdvisor, October 2016
  • Two unique experiences hosting between 2-13 players at ones
  • Low prices, incl. a free softdrink, bookingcosts and vat
  • Our escape rooms are build for first/second time escape room players: beginners
  • Our newest escape game The Hacker opened in June 2016 (see our blog for more info)
  • You will have your own personal Riddle Master who makes sure each game is tailor made, depending on your skills
  • Easy to reach with direct connection from city centre and lots of (free) parkings spaces available
  • Did you know Room of Riddles is a hobby project which got quite out of hand ? We started in our own living room in summer 2014 and thanks to all our great visitors we are now a professional company with branches in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Barcelona

Our prices range from 69 euro for 2 players (34,50 euro per person) to 218 euro for 13 players (17,54 euro per person). All our prices are incl. a free softdrink and vat. 

You can book directly online and see the availability for the coming months.

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Telling you exactly how our escape game works would spoil the surprise, however we can give you a few hints. The challenge is to find the code that opens the safe, which holds the key to get out of the room. Your team gets 60 minutes to complete some exciting, hilarious and mind-challenging tasks. To solve the assignments and riddles, no special knowledge is required, you'll just have to find hints, crack codes, work together and think out of the box.


A lot of guests celebrate a special occasion at Room of Riddles; friends or holiday activity,  bachelor party, family outing, birthday party (from 12 years and up), wedding proposals, etc. Please contact us upfront so we can make your great experience extra awesome.   


Please note we have a separate page on this website for company outings and using our escape rooms as recruitment tool.
Read more about Room of Riddles' teambuilding games for companies.


Here's a news-item about Room of Riddles, as broadcasted on Dutch National News (RTL4):

Click to open the newsitem about Room of Riddles 

Click to open the newsitem about Room of Riddles